Cromoly Classic Road

Avalou front
Avalou side
Avalou Veve
Avalou drivetrain

The AVALOU was created for those who like the pure, classic design of a traditional road bike. The polished & stylized lugs are pieces of art that follow the classic lines of this exquisite road touring machine. The design of the Avalou was meant to be visually stimulating, but it was also designed to turn heads and be a premier performing road bike as well. The chromoly tubing and relaxed geometry make the ride quality standout amongst the crowd. Purists can bask in the glory of owning a new bike with a classic design. The Avalou was not designed to be a lightweight road racer, but to be the bike you keep in the stable for many decades down the road.

Avalou Geometry

Available Build Kit

Frameset (Frame/Fork): $1,395

R3 Complete Bike: $2,575

Build Kits