Carbon Disc Road Bike

Bondye front
Bondye side
Bondye Veve
Bondye action
Bondye action
Bondye action

In the Voodoo religion, the BONDYE is the one and only God figure like that of Christianity. Whether you are religious or not, you cannot disagree with the beauty that was crafted into the Bondye and once you ride this machine you can believe in the nature of a “higher power.”

The Bondye Carbon Road frame/fork is the heart of this incredible machine that was built to serve those that are looking for a stable and efficient ride that leaves them wanting more after each ride. The design of the Bondye has oversized carbon main tubes and bottom bracket to help retain the stiffness and tracking efficiency in the front triangle. This helps to deliver an extreme level of control that gives the rider maximum stability at high-speeds and descents.  We encourage you to try out a Bondye and see for yourself because “seeing is believing.”

Avalou Geometry

Available Build Kits

Frameset (frame/fork) Includes thru-axles & seattube collar: $1,795

R1 Complete Bike: $4,325

R2 Complete Bike: $3,695

Build Kits