Titanium 27.5 Long-Travel Hardtail

D-jab front
D-jab side
D-jab cranks
D-jab Veve
D-jab action
D-jab action
D-jab action
Avalou Geometry

The Djab is known as a “powerful but wild spirit” which is the best way to describe the ride of the D-Jab Titanium long-travel hardtail. Titanium is the material at the heart of this quick and comfortable hardtail mountain frame.

The D-Jab was designed with a longer travel fork and 27.5” wheels to be nimble and quick for those that swing their leg over the bike. It has a slacker headtube angle to help while descending. It has shorter chainstays to help keep the bike stable in the rough sections of trail. The sliding dropouts also enable the bike to be converted to single-speed for those that want a little extra challenge.

Available Build Kits

Frame (includes thru-axles & seattube collar): $1,595

E1 Complete Bike: $5,525

E2 Complete Bike: $4,095

Build Kits