Reynolds 853 Steel 29/27.5+ Hardtail

Dambala front
Dambala side
Dambala cranks
Dambala Veve
Dambala still
Dambala action
Dambala action
Dambala action

In Voodoo, Dambala is one of the most important of all the loa.  Dambala is the Sky God and considered the primordial creator of all life. 

We have focused on the Dambala to give the ride sensation of a snappy and quick-handling hardtail that can hang with the best of all other bicycles out there.  This model is made from Reynold’s 853 steel and is designed with optimal geometry for handling any trail – at any time. 

Avalou Geometry

Available Build Kits

Frame (includes thru-axles & seattube collar): $1,095

T1 Complete Bike: $4,825

T2 Complete Bike: $3,525

Build Kits