Titanium Gravel Road

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Juju Action
Juju Action

The JUJU is a Titanium Gravel Road bike with unrelenting capabilities.  Juju is known as energy, good or bad within the Voodoo Religion.  In this case we focus on the JUJU giving good energy to those that throw their leg over the toptube.  This bike has the perfect balance of geometry, materials and component setup to help the rider go further, for longer and faster than ever before.  The Titanium frame with Carbon Fiber fork help to smooth out the ride and create a solid and forgiving ride on the roughest of gravel roads.  Thru-axles front and rear help to further extend the steering  and overall pedaling precision into the areas that energy should go.  We know you will be pleased with this model and all of the positive Juju you receive while riding it.

Avalou Geometry

Available Build Kits

Frameset (frame/fork) Includes thru-axles & seattube collar: $1,695

G1 Complete Bike: $4,175

G2 Complete Bike: $3,625

Build Kits