Reynolds 853 Steel Gravel Road

Rada front
Rada drivetrain
Rada action
Rada still
Rada action
Rada action
Rada action

The RADA loa are known as guardians of morals and principles in the voodoo definition.  We focused on this Gravel Road bike to be your own personal guardian on or off the gravel road/trail.  This frame was designed with stable and quick geometry to allow the rider to flow over their favorite road or trail no matter how technical the terrain becomes.  This gravel road machine can help you excel in the worst of conditions and become at one with your path to whatever your destination.

Avalou Geometry

Available Build Kits

Frameset (frame/fork) Includes thru-axles & seattube collar: $1,295

G1 Complete Bike: $3,875

G2 Complete Bike: $3,225

Build Kits