Wazoo Fat Bike

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Wazoo saddle
Wazoo rear
Wazoo front
Wazoo frame
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VooDoo WAZOO Fat Bike

If you want to have some serious outdoors fun, let us direct your attention to the VooDoo Wazoo Fat Bike. This beast is the perfect machine to power you through mud, snow, and sand thanks to its fat tyres and chunky frame. So much more than a novelty, the Wazoo boasts some serious spec that more than lives up to VooDoo's pedigree. Powered by a wide range of 16 speed Shimano Altus gears and huge 4-inch wide tyres, the Wazoo easily races up steep hills and fords muddy bogs, kicks up sand or eats up snow. When the fun must come to an end, powerful Shimano hydraulic disc brakes easily bring the bike to a halt, no matter the weather. The Wazoo is the perfect addition to VooDoo's lineup as it characterises what the brand is all about: fun, some serious spec, and a handy helping of showmanship.

  • Lightweight aluminium

  • Rigid cromo for the best interaction with the trail

  • Shimano 16 speed gears provide a great ratio for all types of riding

  • Shimano hydraulic brakes for fast and efficient stopping

  • Veerubber 26" x 4" tyres for off-road traction in mud, snow and sand